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Hope Chest

$19.00 each


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Hope Chest
Hope ChestHope Chest

Filled with hopes and dreams of innocence. Cedar wood, peaches, roses, and a touch of citrus.

Spiritual Properties:Purification ~ Love ~ Romance ~ Divination ~ Luck ~ Success ~ Healing ~ Protection

Blessing:  I hold hope in my heart.  I hope for a better day, a brighter tomorrow and a loving future. I hold hope in my heart and the knowledge in my soul - I am illuminated.


Fragrances selected for their spiritual properties and intension, blended and Reiki infused by The Candleman, blessed by Rev. John Thornton and come with a special prayer ~ Clear Spirit Candles fill your environment with energy and fragrance. At the heart of every candle from The Lit Wick is a unique fragrance lovingly blended and layered to offer the depth, richness and beauty you deserve in your sacred space.

Amazingly Aromatic.

The fragrance from this candle will travel through your home; no more hovering over your candles to smell them.

Even and clean burning wax.

Our pure, all-natural wax will burn evenly and in a completely liquid form that's also cool to the touch if a spill occurs.  All 16oz. jars and 26oz. jars have two wicks.

Incredibly long lasting:

26 oz.  ~  approx.  175 - 200 hours
16 oz.  ~  approx.  125 - 145 hours
5 oz.  ~  approx.  15 - 25 hours


*All claims for spiritual healing and wellness are made with the best of intensions. We make no medical claims.


26 oz.  ~  $24.00
16 oz.  ~  $19.00
  5 oz.  ~  $ 8.00

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