Blackberry Fizz

$19.00 each


Blackberry Fizz
Blackberry FizzBlackberry Fizz

Another fun scent to tickle your nose!  Blackberries and fizzy soda for a perfect summertime beverage.  Our fourth effervescent candle!


Amazingly Aromatic.

The fragrance from this candle will travel through your home; no more hovering over your candles to smell them.

Even and clean burning wax.

Our pure, all-natural wax will burn evenly and in a completely liquid form that's also cool to the touch if a spill occurs.  All 16oz. jars and 26oz. jars have two wicks.

Incredibly long lasting

16 oz.  ~  approx.  125 - 145 hours
5 oz.  ~  approx.  15 - 25 hours

*All claims for spiritual healing and wellness are made with the best of intensions. We make no medical claims.

16 oz.  ~  $18.00
  5 oz.  ~  $ 7.00

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