Warm Apple Pie

$20.00 each


Warm Apple Pie
Warm Apple PieWarm Apple Pie

The scent of apples married with cinnamon, vanilla, cloves and butter will have everyone heading for the kitchen.  Just like an apple pie in a jar!  You'll wish it were the real thing.


Amazingly Aromatic.

The fragrance from this candle will travel through your home; no more hovering over your candles to smell them.

Even and clean burning wax.

Our pure, all-natural wax will burn evenly and in a completely liquid form that's also cool to the touch if a spill occurs.  All 16oz. jars have two wicks.

Incredibly long lasting

16 oz.  ~  approx.  125 - 145 hours
5 oz.  ~  approx.  15 - 25 hours

16 oz.  ~  $18.00
  5 oz.  ~  $ 7.00

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