My house smells intoxicatingly divine.  And the candles were packed and shipped flawlessly.  Every company that ships products should take customer service lessons from The Lit Wick.
~Rodney R.

The Lit Wickick Candle Company was with us last night and brought their Fabulous hand made Clear Spirit essential oil candles that hold fragrances that are infused with Reiki and blessed by Rev. John Michael Thornton.  I bought Flower Shop which at this moment is infusing my home with the essence of fragrant flowers that is soothing and calming to my soul and spirit.   ~  Mary Jane B.


I love my candle; it’s the best ever!  Thank you so much.
~Katee S.

Really, these are the apex of the candle scent crafting art.
~Laurel H.

Burning my Nuzzle candle and it smells absolutely fantastic!
~Marianne N.

I am in utter B*L*I*S*S… my candles HAVE ARRIVED! I think my new NEW favorite fragrance is going to be CAMPFIRE! I have not stopped burning it since I ripped the box open. Tomorrow evening I will be burning Ginger Lime (I have a very strong feeling that will be my new new NEW favorite lol). Thank you, Candleman!
~Debbie S.

Just wanted to say thank you for the amazing candles. I love the iced tea candle the best.  My friends love candles to ..I will send them to your site if they ask, which I am sure they will.
~Kim A.

Utterly delightful.  The Leather and the Campfire candles bought today at Oddmall are burning and the entire place smells like home; a warm, safe place by the fire wrapped up in a leather jacket.  You are now officially my favored purveyor of scented candles.
~Jessica M.

Bought a candle and sachets at Hotel Conneaut last weekend. Love everything!
~Helen M.

Your flower shop candle blows Yankee out of the water. What a beautiful tribute to your Mother. I can’t wait to burn the honeysuckle! got yourself a lifetime customer here, and I wish you much success and happiness!
~Bridget R.

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your candles.  I bought two of them at Oddmall last weekend.  Java Joe is definitely my favorite.
~Lesley W.

I love your candles above any others that I’ve tried & have never had any problems with them.  Your candles are THE BEST!!!
~Becky D.

I just got the best two candles ever from The Lit Wick Candle Co.; Red Currant and Hope Chest!
~Maya N.

Let me express how much I like my first candle from you that was purchased at the Fair this past weekend.  I bought the Mulled Cranberry and now I wish I had gotten some others.
~Becky T.

I loved your candle… I’m still using it.  Makes my trailer have a great scent…
~Eddie O.

I just love my rose scented candle, it is the most fragrant candle I have ever had! I will be in soon for more candles! Green Fairy and Nuzzle are calling me!
~Mary Jane B.

Making the world a sweeter place one wick at a time…
~Raja S.

I love my candles:) The Rootbeer is FANTASTIC & the Raspberry-Lemonade has the entire office smelling GRRRRREAT. Thank You!!!

Your new scents are fantabulous. The last one touched my heart.
~Julie E.

Having a hard time deciding on a favorite smell… Bavarian Pretzel is really great… but I also love Tusk.
~Brian D.

I LOVE your candles…I have received them as gifts and I attended a party and bought several more.
~Diane M.

I love my new candle from lit wick!!! it smells wonderful
~Robin R.

I am loving the Sweet Orange Chili Pepper! Thank you so much!
~Ashely R.

I recently bought some of your candles at a craft bizarre.  I have to tell you that I am very particular about my candles and I absolutely LOVE your candles.  They keep their scent and they burn so evenly.  I love, love, love them!
~Jen J.

BeerCrème Brule is one of my favorite desserts.  The candle is beautiful.  Thank you.
~Jamie B.

My mother and I met you at the Home Expo.  We each bought candles from you and have been very pleased with your product.
~Jennifer H.

You have two customers for life.  The lady I bought a candle for will also go no where else but to you for all her candle needs.  How you keep the fragrance smelling throughout the entire burn is remarkable.
Signed, a loyal customer forever.
~Kathy J.

Thank you for the amazing candle.  Been enjoying so much over the holidays.
~Tahmoh P.

Staying inside because of the heat is beginning to get to me. So, I used your Lavender candle for a bit of aroma-therapy. Once again, I was reminded why your candles are the best I have ever purchased!
~Anthony E.

Enjoying some relaxation time by the glow of my “Nuzzle” Lit Wick Candle!
~Marie M.

My wife, Kim, really liked them. The house smelled lemony fresh last night.  Kim loves your candles.
~Steve A.

We purchased a few of your candles at a show last year. We think they’re the best we’ve ever had!
~Linda N.

DSC 0049

I bought one of your candles at a festival – and I absolutely love it!  I would like to order some more as Christmas gifts for my friends.
~Marge C.

I happened to head over to the local card shop the other day.  While there, I noticed the shelves of (name of large brand name candle company omitted) candles.  Wow!   They don’t have a patch on you!
~Thea R.

First I wanted to say that I purchased one of your candles a year ago and I JUST now opened it up and burned it.  Wow!!!  That’s all I have to say.  What an incredible infusion of wonderful scent.  I can smell it just as well with the lid off and not even burning.  What a great candle!!!
~Renee S.

Thank you for providing the very best!  You make the best candles in the world and you can prove it day in and day out.
~Crystal & Bekah

I must tell you the Strudel and Spice is wonderful. I absolutely love it!! I burned it in the bedroom last night and let it cool off, and I’m burning it again!! I can’t get enough!!
~Linda M.