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The Lit Wick Candle Co., where quality, fragrance, imagination and memories are not only our business but our passion!

Since its inception in 2003, The Lit Wick Candle Co. has built a worldwide reputation for high quality candles and fragrances. Every Lit Wick candle is the result of years of research and experimentation as well as a commitment to quality, detail and you.
The personal touch is very important to us. Every candle is specially made with passion and pride. Every candle is hand-poured, every label put on by hand, every brochure folded with care.
At the heart of every Lit Wick candle is a unique fragrance that has been lovingly created and layered to give you the depth,complexity, richness and beauty you deserve.  Our candles are famous for their ability to quickly fill your home with our wonderful fragrances and for their incredibly long life.
Let the fragrances wash over you and remind you of wonderful memories or take you to new places.  Providing you with the very best fragrances and very best candles is not just our passion, its our honor!

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